djo2 (djo2) wrote,

Shameless Self-Promotion (a.k.a. Vote for ME!)

After taking most of the last year off, working on some writing and remixing, and doing a couple gigs (including the awesome Tokyo 2020 NYE party!!), I've decided it's time I start to do some more DJ-ing again.

Local promoters Sound in Motion (who bring all the big touring DJs to Minneapolis/St. Paul) are having a contest for an opening slot at the upcoming Paul van Dyk or Benny Benassi shows. I've put my name on the list, and with a little help from my friends (that's you guys!) just might get a shot at it.

Round 1 is an online vote. Please go to the Sound in Motion website and vote for me! Then if you want to, repost, publish to your Facebook page, Twitter, or pass this on to other people I know (or don't know) to vote for me as well, I will be forever in your debt.

Round 2 (if I make it to the finals) will be a 30-minute set at The Lounge in downtown Minneapolis where I'll need as much crowd support as possible, so I promise to do the best set of my life. Stay tuned!

Once again, Sound in Motion and vote for "DJ O2".

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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