djo2 (djo2) wrote,

Goth Prom: 7 Deadly Sins -- Tonight!!

That little devil on your shoulder is telling you to give in! You'll be able to indulge them all...

LUST -- the beautiful people in their beautiful clothes
GREED -- tons of giveaways
GLUTTONY -- the drinks won't stop flowing until 2 AM
PRIDE -- get a picture to show that your outfit was better than everyone else's
WRATH -- it sucks that we have to kick you out at 3 AM
SLOTH -- call in sick to work on Tuesday
ENVY -- people who don't have a hangover

And my role in all this? I've been tasked with playing a special hour of sinful music to bring your soul closer to damnation.

All the details can be found at

See you tonight,

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