djo2 (djo2) wrote,

BT Remix!

The Emergency (Oxygenated)

A couple months ago, trimiddew tipped me off to a remix contest for Amanda Palmer. This was hosted on a site called Indaba Music of which I was previously unaware.

For an aspiring musician/remixer like yours truly, this site is a wonderful and dangerous thing. There are dozens of remix contests (among other opportunities). I could never leave the office/studio again - damn my day job to hell!

Many of you have heard my dabblings in remixing over the past couple years, and some of you may remember that I landed the 3rd track on a CD single for The Secret Meeting!

The above BT track is easily the best thing I've done so far. The original song is beautiful, and I had a lot of fun working with it. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.
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