djo2 (djo2) wrote,

Building an Army

If you've got 5 spare minutes, please give my latest remix a listen and a vote if you feel it's deserving.

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As a mixing/mastering engineer and/or a remixer (i.e. mostly working on other people's music), you have to listen to the same song over and over and over for hours at a time. You can't avoid getting it stuck in your head long after you've put it away for the day. It's always nice when you like what you're internal DJ is playing.

This track, "Army of Love" by an Estonian singer named Kerli, is a fun song to have stuck in your head. When I was working on it, I checked out some of her other stuff. In addition to dance-y pop music, she also has an edgier side. Kind of reminds me of The Birthday Massacre. Definitely worth your time to check her out.
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