djo2 (djo2) wrote,

DJO2 Collide Remix Exclusive Premiere at CON!

If you're attending CON ( ) this weekend, be sure to join me in the mainstage ballroom at midnite Friday. During my (very Wonder Women themed) DJ set, I will debut my latest, and possibly best, remix work: "Chaotic (Oxygenated)", one of two remixes I will have on Collide's forthcoming "Bent and Broken".

Although Collide is still putting the finishing touches on this release ( full details: ), they have graciously granted me permission to give CON-goers an official and exclusive preview at the height of our all-night dance party.

This will be the first public performance of "Chaotic (Oxygenated)", and quite probably your only chance to hear it until the full album is released later this year.


And as long as you're at CON…

Noise and I are proud to present an *extended* version of our annual Saturday night Sci-Fi/Fantasy Music Hour -- now 50% longer than a standard Earth hour!! Arrive at mainstage early (~10:30) so you don't miss a minute of geek-tastic music, videos, and assorted oddities to kick off yet another all-night dance party.
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